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Presented by the Thomistic Institute

When: Thursday, March 30, 2023

            5:30 PM - 7:00 PM EST

Where: Sever 103, Harvard University


Gary Anderson

University of Notre Dame

Professor Gary Anderson is the Hesburgh Professor of Catholic Theology at Notre Dame University. He has written and taught widely about the Old Testament and Biblical theology. Among his many books are Sin: A History (2009) and Charity: The Place of the Poor in the Biblical Tradition (2013). Professor Anderson is the recipient of numerous awards and is the former president of the Catholic Biblical Association. His PhD is from Harvard.

Gary Anderson
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Presented by the Harvard Law School Program on Biblical Law and Christian Legal Studies

When: Thursday, March 30, 2023 - Sunday, April 2, 2023

Where: Harvard University


N.T. Wright

Church of England, Durham

Dehlia Umunna

Harvard Law School

Robert P. George

Princeton University

Gary Haugen

International Justice Mission

David French

The Dispatch, The New York Times

and more...

Join an unprecedented university-wide gathering of Harvard's Christian alumni to experience renewal and engage with thought leaders exploring the role and impact of the Christian faith to address contemporary challenges. Over the course of the weekend, rekindle relationships, enjoy prayer walks on campus, inspire the next generation of Harvard students, engage with a world-class faculty, and learn from world-renowned thought leaders

Faith & Veritas

Presented by Harvard’s Memorial Church and the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard

Co-sponsored by the Harvard Catholic Forum

When: Friday, April 21, 2023 – Saturday, April 22, 2023

Where: Memorial Church, Harvard Yard

Free & open to the public.


Tyler VanderWeele

Harvard Chan School of Public Health

Emanuel Katangole 

University of Notre Dame

Mark Heim 

Yale Divinity School

Matthew Potts

Memorial Church and Harvard Divinity School

M. Shawn Copeland

Boston College

and more...

"To err is human, to forgive, divine”; but what is forgiveness? When can it rightly be sought or offered? Can it be corporate as well as an individual? What role should forgiveness play in law, public policy, or even public health? How can we become more forgiving? The conference will take up these important questions by bringing together eminent scholars and practitioners from philosophy, theology, psychology, law, peace studies, and public health.

Forgiveness Conference

Lumen Christi Summer Seminars

Through the In Lumine Group of university-facing centers of Catholic thought and culture, the Harvard Catholic Forum partners with the Lumen Christi Institute at the University of Chicago in offering these summer seminars:


Now in their thirteenth year, the Lumen Christi Institute Summer Seminars introduce participants to central themes, figures, and texts spanning a range of topics, but all rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition.


The seminars are open to undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty as specified in the listings below.


Click the seminar titles for more details and application requirements.

Summer Seminars
Catholic University of America COMPRESSED.jpeg

Catholic Social Thought in Business Education

May 23-26, 2023 | Washington, DC


James Otteson (University of Notre Dame)

Lloyd Sandelands (University of Michigan)

Msgr. Martin Schlag (University of St. Thomas, MN)

Andreas Widmer (Catholic University of America)


Open to graduate students and faculty of any specialization in business schools.

Our Lady of Angels Monastery 3 Fall.png

Monastic Wisdom Seminar: "The Schola Caritatis"

June 5-11, 2023 | Crozet, VA


Led by the Trappistine sisters of the monastery


Open to women aged 18 through 40. 

Catholics and non-Catholics are invited to apply.


Explorations in Integral Ecology: Science, Theology, and Creation

June 18-24, 2023 | Ithaca, NY

Sr. Damien Marie Savino (Aquinas College)

Fr. Terrence Ehrman (University of Notre Dame)


Open to undergraduate students of all backgrounds.


Economics and Catholic Social Thought: A Primer

June 19-23, 2023 | Rome


Mary Hirschfeld (Villanova University)

Joseph Kaboski (University of Notre Dame)

Msgr. Martin Schlag (University of St. Thomas, MN)

Kirk Doran (University of Notre Dame)


Open to PhD students and faculty in economics, finance and related fields.


Gregory Nazianzen’s Five Theological Orations

June 25-July 1, 2023 | University of Toronto


Fr. Andrew Summerson (Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies)

Lewis Ayres (Durham University)


Open to Ph.D. students in theology, philosophy, classics, and other relevant fields of study.

Duke University_Davidson_Building,_West_Campus,_Duke_University,_Durham,_NC_(48961119992).

Theology for Engineers and Scientists: Technology, Environment, and the Pursuit of Wisdom

June 25-July 1, 2023 | Durham, NC


Peter J. Casarella (Duke University)

Sr. Damien Marie Savino (Aquinas College)


Open to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in STEM fields, medicine, the history of science, philosophy, theology, and relevant fields.


The Thought of John Henry Newman

July 1-8, 2023 | University of Oxford


Fr. Stephen Fields, SJ (Georgetown University)


Open to Ph.D. students in theology, philosophy, english and other relevant fields of study.


The Thought of Rene Girard: Understanding the Faith in a Secular Age

July 19-15, 2023 | Stanford, CA


Grant Kaplan (St. Louis University)

Trevor Merrill (Cal Tech)


Open to undergraduate students (including 2023 graduates) from any discipline.


Truth and Authority in Augustine's City of God

July 31-August 5, 2022 | University of California, Berkeley


Russell Hittinger (Lumen Christi Institute)

Fr Michael Sherwin, OP (University of Fribourg)


Open to Ph.D. and J.D. students in theology, philosophy, law, social sciences, and relevant fields of study.

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