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Synodality in Perspective: 

Traditions Past and Present

Six Online Sessions, 

Sep 6 - Oct 25

In light of Pope Francis’ call for global Catholic communities to enter into a two-year process on synodality, this six-part series will examine both the history of synods and the current dialogue around the future of synodality in the Church. This series is an opportunity to learn more about the topic in advance of the October 2023 Rome summit, “For a Synodal Church.” Pope Francis is inviting the entire Church to reflect on “this path of synodality which God expects of the Church of the third millennium,” an important part of the Church’s own process to achieving participation and living out mission.  

Sessions held: Sept 6 (7:00PM CT), Sept 15 (5:00PM CT), Sept 19 (5:00PM CT), Oct 4 (7:00PM CT), Oct 18 (4:00PM CT), Oct 25 (12:00PM CT)